Anchor Hotel

Address: Arauco #786 Punta Arenas, Chile.    Our Telephone: +5661 2222045

The house was part of an old lumber industrial complex, which was located on the side of the Main house. The chimney that can be seen from the hotel corresponds to the exhaust system of the boiler required to move the necessary machinery of the timber workshop that belonged to H. Nielsen & Co. and Peter Thomsen. The company was called Carpentry Steam "Marujita"

The fireplace was built in 1924 and worked with a boiler that used charcoal and shaving. The pipeline brick, as the house, was built by the French bricklayer Luis Willems. The

bricks used for the construction were also manufactured by Marcou and Cia.

Today the chimney is no longer in use, but you can still appreciate its peculiar beauty.


  • Buffet Breakfast
  • TV cable
  • Private Bath
  • Conection Free Wifi
  • Luggage storage
  • Safe Box
  • Close Parking, 3 vehicle
       (book early)
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